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Other Programs

‌‌Pre-Kindergarten Program

  • Pre-Kindergarten supports children who have a first language other than English or mild, moderate or severe delays in their development to build their strengths and skills in a playful, language-rich environment.
  • Each class has a team of professionals who help children work on speech, mobility and everyday tasks like communicating and exploring their senses through play.
  • There's no cost to attend Pre-Kindergarten.
  • Learn more about programming and age requirements by clicking here.


Music-Children at Callingwood enjoy a number of musical opportunities. Our students receive an above average number of instructional minutes in the music classroom learning songs and dance, as well as learning to play musical instruments. Mrs. Wolff draws on a variety of musical genres from around the world to flavor her program. The children benefit from her strong teaching in this area and build year after year upon a strong foundation of learning. During lunch hours, Mrs. Wolff and Mrs. Macpherson run a choir open to all students. The choir performs on several occasions throughout the year including the spring concert which each class participates in.


Physical EducationCallingwood is very proud of its Physical Education program. We began 30 minute per day Phys. Ed before it was even mandated by the government. We have received many awards for our quality daily physical education and we feel it is a vital component of our student’s success. Callingwood promotes life long physical activity through the learning of skills and games that will allow our students to participate throughout their lives. We offer many alternative environment learning opportunities including swimming, skating, bowling and many more. We also have a running club which competes at various meets throughout the school year. Callingwood believes in taking care of not only the mind, but the body as well!


Technology - ‌Callingwood School is taking the lead in Technology! As Edmonton Public Schools and the world start to look ahead at what it means to be a 21st century learner, we have taken steps to give your child the skills they will need to solve 21st century problems! Callingwood continues to embrace innovation in education and look for ways that technology can help our students learn. We have Smartboards and document cameras in every room, wireless access throughout the building, and a full complement of Chromebooks and Ipads that can be utilized by all of our students. We will continue to use SchoolZone to communicate with families in a timely, and environmentally friendly, manner and you can expect to see our monthly newsletters, regular progress reports and any “breaking news” presented through this medium. If you do not have regular access to a computer, please let us know in the office and we will ensure that you receive hard copies of all important documents. We can also provide support and training in helping you utilize SchoolZone using your home computer or smartphone. Over the past year, we have also established a Callingwood Twitter feed (@CallingwoodEPSB) which will be another way for us to keep our school community informed about key events and breaking news.‌