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  • Other Programs

    Other Programs


    Music-Children at Callingwood enjoy a number of musical opportunities. Our students receive an above average number of instructional minutes in the music classroom learning songs and dance, as well as learning to play musical instruments. Mrs. Wolff draws on a variety of musical genres from around the world to flavor her program. The children benefit from her strong teaching in this area and build year after year upon a strong foundation of learning. During lunch hours, Mrs. Wolff and Mrs. Macpherson run a choir open to all students. The choir performs on several occasions throughout the year including the spring concert which each class participates in.



    Physical EducationCallingwood is very proud of its Physical Education program. We began 30 minute per day Phys. Ed before it was even mandated by the government. We have received many awards for our quality daily physical education and we feel it is a vital component of our student’s success. Callingwood promotes life long physical activity through the learning of skills and games that will allow our students to participate throughout their lives. We offer many alternative environment learning opportunities including swimming, skating, bowling and many more. We also have a running club which competes at various meets throughout the school year. Callingwood believes in taking care of not only the mind, but the body as well!








    Technology - ‌Callingwood School is taking the lead in Technology! As Edmonton Public Schools and the world start to look ahead at what it means to be a 21st century learner, we have taken steps to give your child the skills they will need to solve 21st century problems! Callingwood continues to embrace innovation in education and look for ways that technology can help our students learn. We have Smartboards and document cameras in every room, wireless access throughout the building, and a full complement of Chromebooks and Ipads that can be utilized by all of our students. We will continue to use SchoolZone to communicate with families in a timely, and environmentally friendly, manner and you can expect to see our monthly newsletters, regular progress reports and any “breaking news” presented through this medium. If you do not have regular access to a computer, please let us know in the office and we will ensure that you receive hard copies of all important documents. We can also provide support and training in helping you utilize SchoolZone using your home computer or smartphone. Over the past year, we have also established a Callingwood Twitter feed (@CallingwoodEPSB) which will be another way for us to keep our school community informed about key events and breaking news.‌

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  • Behavior and Learning Assistance Program

    Behavior and Learning Assistance Program

    The Behavior and Learning Assistance Programs were developed by Edmonton Public Schools in response to a demand for the teaching of students who have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist as exhibiting Severe Behavioural Disorders. Programming focuses on helping students to cope with their social, emotional, and academic difficulties. The students are provided with a segregated site that has highly structured behavioural and academic programming designed to improve student's functioning so they may be successfully reintegrated into a mainstream learning group.

    Callingwood has two sites; Division I and Division II. Division I accommodates students in grades one to three, and Division II accommodates students in grades four to six. Each employs one full-time teacher and one educational assistant in a structured behaviour program with response-cost incentive programs and instruction in pro social skills, character education and self management. Academic expectations promote individual growth. The classroom utilizes study/time out rooms to accommodate behavioural needs (quiet time, various stages of time out). A breakfast program is available to all students who wish to take part. It is supported by the Home Economists Association of Alberta. The BLA program operates on the condensed day format allowing for constant supervision of students. All families are required to have input into the Individual Program Plan, sign the daily agenda, attend conferences and access therapeutic services as needed.

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  • Academics Program

    Academics Program

    Callingwood is a K-6 school offering programming in English with FSL for grades 4-6. Students learn to achieve their potential through a variety of teaching and learning styles geared toward the individuals learning level and style. Teachers have been trained in Balanced Literacy as a means of strengthening student’s reading and writing programs. On-going professional development and training for teachers is not only a reflection of our belief in lifelong learning, but a means to better the education of students in every subject area.

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  • Athletics


    Callingwood school is very proud of our athletics program boasting one of the largest elementary gymnasiums in the district. We offer each student 30 minutes of Physical Education per day in the gym, and have several events throughout the year encouraging physical acitivity including the Terry Fox Run, our Runathon, ski trips,  and Callingwood's own Mini-World Cup of soccer. Callingwood also has a running club and intramurals throughout the year to bolster and encourage a healthy active lifestyle.

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  • Student Awards

    Student Awards

    Each month at Callingwood, we hold an assembly to celebrate the amazing things our students have been doing in their classrooms. During this assembly we take time to honor students for their achievments academically, behaviorally, and as citizens of the Callingwood community. Parents are always invited to take part in the fun!


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  • Lunch & Nutrition

    Lunch & Nutrition

    We encourage students to bring a healthy lunch and snack to school each day. It is vitally important that we keep these growing brains healthy! Please avoid sending candy and junk food or pop to school with your child. It is not good for the body and it is not condusive to learning.

    For those families who cannot make alternate arrangements at lunch, we do employ lunchroom supervisors to provide a lunch program on a casual or full time basis.

    Families requiring lunchroom service can contact the school for an application, regulations and schedule of fees.


     The Callingwood Breakfast Club


    The Callingwood School Breakfast Club began in October and has been very successful! We are excited to build some wonderful relationships between students from different grades and classrooms.  If you would like your child to join The Callingwood Breakfast Club, please contact the office at (780) 481-4917 during school hours or place a note in your childs agenda.  The Breakfast Club runs every school day from 8:00AM to 8:30AM.‌




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  • School Council and Parent Society

    School Council and Parent Society

    Welcome to our team. As a parent partner you are entitled, and encouraged, to be a part of school council - an important parent body which reviews school plans and provides advice to the principal and enrichment to the whole school. We welcome parents and families of our students to join our parent council. During our monthly meetings, we discuss fundraisers, special lunches, school activities and other methods of meeting the needs of our school and its surrounding community. 

    Childcare is provided by students from our grade 6 class.

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Callingwood staff offer a number of extra-curricular and leadership programs to students during non-instructional times. Some of the programs offered are:

    C-Team Choir/ORFF
    Running Club Office Assistants
    Library Club Hallway Monitors
    Global Citizenship Club Student Council
    Student Announcers  Kids on Track
    AMA Patrols  

     Schedules of extra-curricular events will appear in the classroom newsletters.


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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy



    We believe that just like imagination, learning has no boundaries.

    Student success and growth is achieved when children discover their own talents and interests through a multi faceted approach including but not limited to literacy, numeracy, athletics, and the arts. We believe that these approaches serve as vehicles for teaching and learning. We value community partnerships that enrich our students’ academic, artistic, and athletic experiences. We are committed to improving student achievement and to helping all students realize their full potential.

    Student growth is enhanced when staff members and parents share responsibility in the development and education of the child.





    Mindfulness at Callingwood

    Some classes have continued our daily morning mindfulness that began last school year. Currently, we have between 4 and 6 classes begin their day in the gym. With mindful practice, we begin to learn strategies to self-regulate our emotions and learn coping strategies to accept ourselves and others with a non-judgmental attitude. We encourage you to ask your child about their participation in morning mindfulness! 



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Not long after Mr. McKeown was appointed principal of Callingwood, he asked all staff to write to him about those things they cherished about Callingwood. When he turned these reflections into a Wordle, it was little surprise that the two of the words that turned up most frequently were “kids” and “love”. Basically, our goal here is simple. We want your kids to love coming to Callingwood. If we can achieve that goal, with the help of everyone in our Callingwood community, there is really nothing that we can’t accomplish. We have just recently upgraded our website to make it a more vital part of our public communication plan. Please take the time to explore the site and feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions or comments.


Principal's Message


Well, my friends, June is upon us and I don’t know that I could ever imagine a year that seemed so simultaneously extremely long and over in the blink of an eye. But, here we are in June with another great year behind us and another opportunity for our kids to relax and recharge ahead of us. I want to thank you for all the support and guidance you bring to your kids and our entire school community.

 We have some big things on the horizon from a structural standpoint. Our front entrance is nearing completion with just our soft seating area and our Callingwood logo left to be installed. We will also about midway through work on a multi-use sensory room that should be ready for the beginning of next year. We’ll have four new portables coming our way early next year,as well, and I just learned that we’ll be getting a new gym floor. Thank you for your continued (and future!) patience as we engage in this work that will help make Callingwood an even more vibrant learning space for your students.

 As you likely know, this has been a busy year not only for Callingwood, but for all of Edmonton Public as we get set to open up eleven new schools. Staffing this many schools has created an influx of postings throughout the district and we have seen a lot of staff moving locations and Callingwood is not immune to some change, including some of our long-serving staff. Here is an overview of the teachers and support staff who have accepted new positions:

 Congratulations to Mrs. Orosz as she has accepted a kindergarten position at Brander Gardens school..

Congratulations to Mrs. Fedor who has accepted a full-time counseling position at Mary Butterworth Junior High School.

Congratulations to Ms. Chapman who has accepted a library technician position at Svend Hanson School.

Congratulations to Mrs. Brown who has accepted a kindergarten and literacy position at Donald R. Getty School.

 Callingwood will also be getting two new administrators as Mr. Close has accepted an Assistant Principal position at Svend Hanson and I was just named as the new principal at S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. I’m sure I speak for all of those who are moving on to other challenges that we do so with a distinct sense of loss, as Callingwood is a truly special school community that has given to each of us every bit as much as we have given to it.

 Your new principal for 2017-2018 will be Mr. Allan Henkelman, who comes to us from Ottwell Junior High School and your new assistant principal will be Mrs. Kristie Cheng who comes to us from Stratford school. We will get Mr. Henkelman and Mrs. Cheng over in the near future to start the transition process.

 It has been an honor to serve as your principal and I’ll carry the lessons I learned here at Callingwood forward throughout my career.

Brent McKeown