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Lunch & Nutrition

We encourage students to bring a healthy lunch and snack to school each day. It is vitally important that we keep these growing brains healthy! Please avoid sending candy and junk food or pop to school with your child. It is not good for the body and it is not condusive to learning.

For those families who cannot make alternate arrangements at lunch, we do employ lunchroom supervisors to provide a lunch program on a casual or full time basis.

Families requiring lunchroom service can contact the school for an application, regulations and schedule of fees.




The Callingwood Breakfast Club

The Callingwood School Breakfast Club began in October and has been very successful! We are excited to build some wonderful relationships between students from different grades and classrooms.  If you would like your child to join The Callingwood Breakfast Club, please contact the office at (780) 481-4917 during school hours or place a note in your childs agenda.  The Breakfast Club runs every school day from 8:00AM to 8:30AM.‌